Caritas in Haiti

We have been working in Haiti for 14 years already

Archdiocesan Caritas Olomouc (ACHO) was founded by the Archbishop of Olomouc in 1990. It helps the Archdiocese of Olomouc to manage, coordinate and methodically administrate the charity work. It provides guidance and informational service regarding social work, healthcare a humanitarian aid for local Caritas in the dioceses. ACHO also provides humanitarian and development aid abroad. Since 1991 ACHO has been helping in more than 35 countries and now it is helping in Haiti and Ukraine.

In 2005 Archdiocesan Caritas Olomouc started to operate in Haiti, where the main focus is on helping the poorest and most vulnerable strata of society especially in inaccessible regions, where local people are left without any attention from the government and other organisations. Our main focus is on improving education, healthcare and community development. Archdiocesan Caritas Olomouc also took part in humanitarian aid after 2010 earthquake and after 2016 hurricane Matthew.

children is supported in education
built schools
families improved though our projects