Only 18 CZK per day can provide education for Haitian child

Child Sponsorship Programme enables children to acquire free elementary education. The project includes children from the poorest families that cannot attend school due to the financial reasons.  Yearly amount of a donation is 6 500 CZK. It includes school fees, school necessities, mandatory school uniform, one warm meal a day and a contribution to teacher’s wages.  During Child Sponsorship Programme you can communicate with your sponsored child by correspondence.  Every year you will receive a letter or a picture, a photo and a school report from the child.

Thanks to this programme we can keep running three schools and educate 1 200 children per year. Our programme is taking place in three schools – Baie de Henne, Gonaïves and Roche-a-Bateau. The education in the country with more than 50 % of illiteracy is giving children chance to live better life in the future.

How Child sponsorship programme helps

  • EDUCATION – the poorest children can regularly attend a school
  • UNIFORM – the child receive a compulsory school uniform every year
  • FOOD – one warm meal at a school canteen is often their only food per day
  • SCHOOL AIDS – textbooks and other school aids are improving lessons and develop child’s imagination
  • HEALTH – a regular healthcare prevents premature deathsGAMES – thanks to the sport activities children develop teamwork skills and cultivate their sport abilities

Who can become a child sponsor

  • TOWN

Story of Miguelson

Miguelson from Gonaïves was living in poverty with his parents and three siblings. They were living in tarpaulin shelter close to the large wastewater pipes. His father nearly lost his leg in an accident, got sick and was begging in front of the cathedral. One day he was falsely accused of theft and ended up in prison. After one year he was liberated by the Sisters of St. Joseph of the Apparition. Now the whole family is together again. Sisters also rented a small house for the family. Now thanks to the Child sponsorship programme Miguelson can attend school, where he gets one warm food a day. His other two siblings also go to school. Third one – the youngest – is visiting nutrition centre with his mother.