Poverty, Illiteracy, hunger, unemployment, lack of healthcare, bad infrastructure these words sum up the most common and most serious problems in Haiti, according to local people. Due to the lack of good governance and social system, people have to rely on themselves, their family or people around them – their community. Community is an important social unit in Haiti. Village people take care of orphans, elderly, sick and disabled, even though they do not have much themselves. Since 2005 we work with the community in Baie de Henne that is isolated from the rest of the country and with people from the slum area of Gonaives. Every day Haitians have to endure the hardships of the poorest country in the western hemisphere. But there are ways to help them to have life with dignity or to at least give them opportunity for a change.

We teach local people handicrafts, so that they are able to feed their families, and help them repair their houses. We provide healthcare in remoted areas and in the case of disaster also provide alimentation and drinking water. Together with education we foster human dignity.

Teaching of crafts, repairing houses, healthcare, help during disasters

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Story of Christella

Chris from Baie de Henne is mentally ill and disabled since her teenage years.  She made living by ancillary works in exchange for a little food for herself and her son. Her husband died during cholera epidemic. Chris was taking care of her son and daughter alone. Tied to the wheelchair, she knew that she cannot feed her children. Her daughter moved to her relatives and her son became auxiliary worker in strangers home. Poor and desperate Chris lost her only fortune – her loving children. Czech missionary Roman Musil started helping her out of this burdensome situation. He discovered her son in a city five hours away, where he was living in horrifying conditions. Finally they managed to liberate him from modern day slavery. Even though her relatives were against it, her daughter also returned to Chris. Now the whole family is together again and we continue to support them.


Story of Rennard

Palm trees broken like matches, tilted power pillar, roads blocked by fallen rocks and houses without roofs or walls. Haiti was destroyed by the hurricane Matthew. It even turned around the life of thirty-seven years old Rennard, who lives in the village Coteaux with his wife and five children. There was only one room left out of their brick house. The roof was missing.  Their animals – ducks, goat, chickens and donkey – all died. The family was left without any means of subsistence and had no money to rebuild their house. Right after the hurricane we arrived at the place and since then we have been helping Rennard and other families to secure their livelihood.