You cannot buy your health for money, but thanks to the small financial donations you can contribute to the prevention of easily preventable diseases that are common among children. Lack of vitamins, worms, diarrhoea and skin infections lower the life expectancy in Haiti to 60 years. Healthcare facilities in Haiti are not easily accessible and patients from rural areas have to travel to reach the closest doctor for one or two hours. Thanks to the yields from For the Health of Haiti Campaign we can arrange a healthcare and a medicine for both the children and the elderly.


The aim of the campaign is to gain financial resources to provide healthcare for people in the most remote areas of Haiti, especially for children. Thanks to the financial contributions we can provide much needed medicine and professional health checks-ups. Thanks to the provided healthcare children can more focus on the lessons and they are less absent from school.


For the Health of Haiti Campaign is held every year during the August. You can find newest information about this year’s campaign in the Actualities.

Buy a glass of water

The campaign is held in chosen Cafés and restaurants, where guests can order a glass of water and pay any amount of money.  In every restaurant there is a money-box, to where the waiters/bartenders put the money that guests paid. The whole amount is given (in form of a gift contract) to the support cause of healthcare in Haiti.

Our regular partners are: Bistrá kráva Bistro, Café Restaurant Caesar, Jazz Fresh Café, Naše Café, Street Side Grill bar and Tvarůžková cukrárna.

Do you want to join in our campaign too? Contact us!