Haiti is the poorest country on the western hemisphere. It is situated in the heart of the Caribbean and it is sharing half of its island with Dominican Republic. Haiti is unfortunately known for its political instability, natural disasters and widespread poverty. With these problems and slow development, Haiti can be compared to countries in Sub-Saharan Africa.


POPULATION – The population of 10, 5 million is copying the colonial ethnic structure of Haiti. 95% of Haitians are Negro and only 5% are mulatto and paleface.

POVERTY – More than 70 % of Haitians live below the poverty lane, with only 2 USD a day.

AREA – With is 27 750 km2 Haiti has roughly the same area as Moravia and Silesia.

FORESTS – Haiti is one of the most deforested countries in the world. Currently only 2 % of its area is covered by forests and it is impossible to find any uninterrupted forest or grove.

AGRICULTURE – Dry climate with sporadic rainfalls is not easy for Haitian farmers. Despite everything, 2/3 of Haitians work as self-subsistence farmers to feed their families.

WATER – There are only rare natural resources in Haiti. 40 % of Haitians have no access to drinking water and 70 % lack any sanitation.

RELIGION – Haitians are very religious people. More than 90 % of them are Christians, almost everyone believes in Voodoo.

EDUCATION – One of two Haitians cannot read or write. State schools are hardly functional.

HEALTCARE – One day on the road to reach a doctor and deaths caused by trivial diseases. This is an unfortunate reality for many Haitians.

PLACES OF INTEREST – Despite its poverty, Haiti is full of beauty. There are many monuments, colonial towns, blue sea, sandy beaches, hidden waterfalls, palace ruins…