Although most requests for donations and donations (for charitable purposes) are genuine, fraudulent practices may also be encountered. If you are in doubt about the authenticity of an email, letter, social media message or telephone conversation, please do not hesitate to contact us to verify your authenticity. It is better to be sure in advance than to regret it later.

How to avoid charity fraud

• Ensure that all online donations are provided through our official website or through authorized partners such as or You can verify the security of your website by checking the web address, which must begin with the letters https and a small lock image.

• We will only contact you if we have already received a message, a financial gift from you or if you have asked us to do so.

• All our emails and letters contain the official logo and address.

• Check the e-mail addresses from which you receive messages that must have the domain @

• Incorrect logos or links to websites not related to Caritas for Haiti (or the Archdiocesan Charity Olomouc) may be a sign of fraud.

• If you receive a suspicious call from someone who claims to be contacting you on behalf of Charity for Haiti, hang up and contact us immediately.

How to report fraud

If you know or suspect a charitable fraud, it is extremely important to report the incident to the appropriate authorities.

• Police – If you know of a charitable fraud that involves immediate and significant loss or damage, consider contacting the local police.

• Bank – If the fraud involves internet banking, checks, debit or credit cards, or fraudulent activity on your bank account, contact your bank immediately. The bank will cancel all affected cards and may freeze your accounts during the investigation.