November 30th 2017, Olomouc – Container with a humanitarian aid for poor Haitians started its long journey from Olomouc on the last day of November. In the following days it will go through the European roads and it will sail from Germany straight to the Caribbean. The container should reach its final destination during January 2018. Poor Haitians in Gonaïves and Baie de Henne will receive the fibreglass for the roof construction, equipment for a sewing workshop, furniture and school supplies, medical supplies – for example crutches and othoses or sport supplies for children.

The humanitarian aid weighed around 11 tons and the Caritas and its assistants managed to put it on 19 pallets. In the gallery below you can see how the loading went:

THANKS to all individual donors and companies (Koutný, Tempish, PAMA and TRADIX UH). We want to thank to all Caritas and volunteers, who have helped with the Collection for Haiti in the past six months.