Prague – On the last day of May we invited passers-by and pupils of schools to join the event Sustainable Palmovka. We introduced them to the lives of people in Haiti and tried to design a car that would best fit the terrain and handle the supply of drinking water, food and medicines. Then it was enough to “start up” and set off towards Haiti.

The visitors visited many stands of other non-profit organizations. It was only a few steps to ours, of Caritas Czech Republic. People saw an exhibition of photographs from a school in Gonaïves, a health camp for poor people, or from places where a fourth-degree hurricane was raging recently. They wandered a blind map and tried to design the best car for Haiti on a pavement or paper. This task also gave information about the current collection, when we are trying to get money for a new off-road vehicle, with which would be the sisters of the order of St. Joseph could carry water, food and medicine supplies to the poor.

Karolína Opatřilová, ACHO