Olomouc – Event Set out on a volunteer journey attracted students to the Archdiocesan Charity Olomouc on Wednesday, October 23th, in the afternoon. They saw an exhibition of photographs by Klára Kalinová, who had been in Uganda for several months. They could also talk to her about her experience and get to know life in the poor African countryside. Some other people went to Haiti, Georgia or Ukraine. Other volunteers brought them closer to their lives, watching videos and photos and playing interactive games and quizzes.

You can read the experiences and impressions of those who helped in the world here: Haiti, Georgia, Ukraine and Uganda (https://www.acho.charita.cz/z-charit/acho/haiti-gruzie-ukrajina-a-uganda-lide-se-s-charitou-vydali-na-cestu-dobrovolnika/)