Holešov – Haiti, the lost pearl of the Caribbean. Visitors to the Holešov Library discovered the beauties but also the sorrows of Haiti on Thursday, May 11. Klára Lőffelmannová from the Archdiocesan Charity Olomouc introduced them to life in a wild country. She spent last autumn in Haiti.

The natural beauty of Haiti, human dwellings more modest than tombs, the roads of the road, the growing problem of garbage and the everyday life of an ordinary Haitian. Klára told Holešovský about all this, she tasted life in an unstable country on her own. She spent a month as a humanitarian worker after a 4th degree hurricane Matthew struck the country. She complemented the lecture in Holešov with a screening of photographs from the mission and a short film, which looks at Haiti through the eyes of little Joseph – one of the children involved in the long-distance charity Adoption. Then there was room for questions. The audience was also most interested in the everyday life of Haitians – what do they eat, if they have access to food at all, what about shops? Finally, they could see painted canvases, jars or jewelry handmade in Haiti.

Thanks to Caritas Holešov for making this pleasant meeting…

Karolina Opatrilova, ACHO
Photo: Leona Machálková, Caritas Holešov