Sternberk – A piece of Haiti was brought with her by a humanitarian Caritas worker to Sternberg this time. In the local culture house, things made in the Caribbean were screened, talked about and exhibited.

Painted canvas, shell earrings, jewelry made of beads, paper and coconut or wooden masks and metal lizards. All this was seen by the Sternbergs at the entrance to the hall in the culture house. A discussion on Haiti began there on Wednesday at 5 pm. Klára Loffelmannová spoke about the streets of the city drowning in garbage or water that cannot drain because there is no sewerage. She spent a whole month in Haiti last fall. During the discussion, Klára presented the conditions in which Haitians live, touched on the history and political situation, the overall unsystematic nature of this wild country. After the discussion, the audience did not spare questions. They compared Haiti with the neighboring richer Dominican Republic, asked about possible afforestation projects, conditions for admission of children to school, prices and the like.

Karolina Opatrilova, ACHO