Haiti – Haiti, collapsed country where medical care and school system is not working, every day there are protest and violence, in the last nine months were 415 people shot. And even there is a season of hurricanes. The help of Czech donors reaches far into the Caribbean. Currently they are supporting 371 poor Haitian children in education. This is not the only help, which Archdiocesan Caritas Olomouc (ACHO) is providing. 2 members of ACHO team is going on Sunday 30th of September directly to terrain. Humanitarian worker Klára Lőffelmannová will has a doctor Josef Marada from Zábřeh by her side. They will be able to administer medical care at places, where it wasn’t possible till now, for example at Roche a Bateau at south of Haiti. How will the team be doing, you can read online notes from mission on this website and our Facebook.

Mission charity worker Klára Lőffelmannová and a doctor Josef Marada will last more than 1 one month. They bring a suitcase which is half full of packets for children from education project Child Sponsorship and also a luggage full of medication, which they will use for treating poor people at back countries. For what should be the team prepared? „We could be surprised by demonstrations and blockades anytime. The last time Haitian people were upset by increasing price of gas. Protests and looting took control of the country. Also the weather is erratic, on autumn there is a season of hurricanes. Also a problem is a malaria, we bring mosquito nets and repellents with us. We are taking all sorts of medication in case we will have problems,” said humanitarian worker with that work in Haiti could be complicated by poor technical condition of car with which the team could get stuck at desert. „It is necessary to have enough drink water with you,” added Klára Lőffelmannová. She is going to Haiti for the third time.

Like every year Klára checks the project Child Sponsorship there and now new sewing workshop at Gonaïves to where Czech donators gave sewing machines, materials and tailor’s tool at project Container for Haiti. She checks up other projects of Charity and organizes health camps (from businesses and their customers support from campaign For health Haiti at Baie de Henne a now new at Gonaïves and also Roche a Bateau. Sisters of the order of St. Joseph helped the Charity to treat those who needed. A doctor who will become a member of the team will be important. „We will be able to solve more complicated cases which we had to refer to or drive them to far hospitals. Also we can extend the health camp from Baie de Henne to other places, for example Roche a Bateau. There we will provide our medical care for the first time,” said Klára. She thinks that the patients are often children, then elder people, who have problems and couldn’t get to a doctor.

Doctor Josef Marada helped in Haiti three times. The last time was after devastating earthquake in 2010. He confirms that the conditions there are very tough and medical care is unavailable. „For large regions there is just one hospital. The hospital is in many cases closed and it is not working or it is on poor level. Even more everything in Haiti is charged, there is a high level of corruption and people often die because of trivial diseases. Once around 5am one woman came to us with her weekly baby and it did not show signs of life. The baby died because of dehydration and exhaustion at home. This cases occur there very often and doctor is completely helpless. „This situation was one the hardest in my professional life,” remembers Josef Marada.

What is going on in Haiti you can read online on our website or Facebook Archdiocesan Caritas Olomouc and Charity for Haiti.