9_2017_Na zdraví Haiti

Hranice, Olomouc, Svitavy, Zábřeh – A girl with festering badly treated injury on her hand, a boy with 8 months of pneumonia or heart defects found in children. In the last three years in Haiti workers of Archdiocesan Caritas Olomouc had to deal for example with these cases. Thanks to campaign For health Haiti was treated around 900 people who needed help at back countries, in most cases children. This year will be treated more people. August an event from Caritas received thanks to businesses and their customers at Olomouc, Svitavy, Zábřeh and Hranice 18 291 Czech crowns. For the first time this campaign was joined by charity shop Dobrodruhá.

Refresh yourself by a glass of tap water and donate from 1 till infinity Czech crowns. This was the campaign For health Haiti during the August in selected cafes and restaurants. Olomouc Coffee Library Zbrojnice collected the most – 2 504 CZK. „If we can help, we will. We are glad that we supported another good thing, For health Haiti,” said Barbora Hodúrová from Coffee Library Zbrojnice. This café joined the campaign for the third time.

Total earnings from all 18 businesses is 18 291 CZK. „Thank you to businesses and their customers for support. In Haiti with their donations we can do preventive examinations and treat those who needs it. This year we will focus on residents of back country Baie de Henne and also pupils from project Child Sponsorship at Gonaïves and Roche a Bateau. This year we will make more preventive examinations for more children and also adults, because a doctor from Zábřeh Josef Marada will go to Haiti to help them,” said Klára Lőffelmannová from Archdiocesan Caritas Olomouc. She thinks that Haitian people struggle the most with rash, inflammation of the eyes and ears, lack of vitamins and digestive problems. All of it causes lack of drinking water and full-fledged diet.

Doctor Josef Marada helped in Haiti three times. The last time was after devastating earthquake in 2010. He confirms that the conditions there are very tough and medical care is unavailable. „For large regions there is just one hospital. The hospital is in many cases closed and it is not working or it is on poor level. Even more everything in Haiti is charged, there is a high level of corruption and people often die because of trivial diseases. Once around 5am one woman came to us with her weekly baby and it did not show signs of life. The baby died because of dehydration and exhaustion at home. This cases occur there very often and doctor is completely helpless. „This situation was one the hardest in my professional life,” remembers Josef Marada.

The shop Charity Olomouc – Dobrodruhá remembered the poor Haitian people. Customers were buying at the shop products which were made in Haiti, and they collected 7 325 crowns. „People were buying pictures or jewellery. Some of them also came to try Haitian coffee, during that they were reading Haitian proverbs, which they could take home as a gift. Campaign For health Haiti is meaningful to us and we will be glad to support is next year again,” said head of Dobrodruhá Bára Cigánková.




Coffee Library Zbrojnice – 2 504 Kč

Bistrá kráva – 2 338 Kč

Pražírna kávy Kikafe – 2 311 Kč

Jazz Fresh Café – 1 919 Kč

U Kristýna – 1 682 Kč

Café Restaurant Caesar – 670 Kč

Tvarůžková cukrárna – 556 Kč

Side Street Grill a Bar – 254 Kč

Naše Café – 49 Kč




Castaňa Tex-Mex – 604 Kč

Café Bar Lucerna – 462 Kč

Levandulová kavárna – 389 Kč

Santorini – 323 Kč



Café U nás – 808 Kč

Restaurace Pod střechou – 358 Kč



Kavárna V Parku – 2 087 Kč

Kafé Rošambo/ Dušambo – 612 Kč

Café Rozcestí – 365 Kč


Thank you…