The sixth year of the campaign For the Health of Haiti will take place in thirteen Olomouc companies in August 2020. Here, guests can order tap water and pay any amount for it, from one to infinity crowns. Using this contributions, the Archdiocesan Charity Olomouc will organize a health camp for the needy in remote areas of Haiti.

Throughout the month, visitors and residents of Olomouc will have the opportunity to drink water in cafes and do a good deed. Proceeds from the campaign will help improve health care, which is very poor in many parts of Haiti. Many Haitians suffer from health problems due to pervasive poverty and poor living conditions. Adults so often cannot work and children go to school.

Preventive medical examinations organized by the Archdiocesan Charity Olomouc are part of their annual mission to Haiti. It can reveal various diseases and help cure them. “Health cannot be bought with money, but thanks to small finances, it is possible to contribute to the prevention of diseases that most often occur in children and can be prevented. Vitamin deficiency, redness, diarrhea and skin diseases are the most common problems. Healthcare facilities in Haiti are not always easily accessible and patients from the countryside have to travel to the nearest doctor for two or more hours due to complete banality,” said project coordinator Lada Matyášová.

Come and refresh yourself to the health of people from Haiti this August!

This year, the participating companies are Bistrá kráva, Bistro & bar Konvikt, Café Jan, Café Na cucky, Café Restaurant Caesar, Café Trieste, Coffee Library, Dobrodruhá, Jazz Fresh Café, Kikafe, Na břehu Rhôny, Traffic Coffee, U Kristýna.

Kateřina Biolková and Lada Matyášová, Archdiocesan Charity Olomouc