August 17, 2020, schooling was resumed in Haiti. Increased hygienic conditions have been applied, namely the mandatory wearing of protective masks and hand washing with soap and disinfection before and during classes.

Calendar of school activities for the following period:

Opening days and closing of the academic year :
August 10: relaunch of school activities for the 9th A.F. and end of secondary school classes
August 17: Relaunch of activities for other classes
October 22: End of the 2019-2020 academic year

Control period :
Control 3 : October 5 to 22, 2020

Official exams :
Examinations of the 9th A.F.: October 12-14, 2020
Normal Schools of Teachers (ENI) and Family Education Centers (CEF)
: 12-15 October 2020
End of secondary studies: October 19 to 22, 20020

Important dates :

  • August 10, 2020: Relaunch of activities for the 9th and the terminale (S4 and philosophy)
  • August 13 to 28, 2020: Registration for unsuccessful candidates (failed) for secondary school leaving exams
  • August 17, 2020: General relaunch for the other classes
  • October 9, 2020: End of classes for the academic year 19-20
  • Control period: October 5 to 22, 2020
  • 12 to 15 October 2020: 9th exams, ENI, CEF
  • October 19 to 22: Secondary school leaving exam (Philo and S4)
  • September 2020: The preschool resumes its activities for the new academic year

Children could enjoy the first day in their normal clothes. On the other days they must wear a school uniform.

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Lada Matyášová, Archdiocesan Caritas Olomouc