The charity diary for 2021 will have a very special look. Week after week, you or your loved ones will enjoy original children’s drawings accompanied by authentic quotes. By purchasing a charity diary worth CZK 300, you will contribute the entire amount to the humanitarian projects of the Archdiocesan Charity Olomouc in Haiti and Ukraine.

We started operating in Ukraine in 1991. This country, located in Eastern Europe, is struggling with poverty, corruption and the outflow of large populations abroad. She is currently being paralyzed by armed conflict in the east of the country. Part of the contributions received for the diary will help finance the “Study Fund” project, thanks to which even socially disadvantaged students can study at Ukrainian universities and colleges. Among them are those who leave children’s homes. We are a support for them in the beginning of independent life.

Haiti, a country in the heart of the Caribbean Sea where education, health care and the social system do not work and people are struggling with poverty, lack of drinking water and lack of basic health care. The Archdiocesan Charity Olomouc has been helping here since 2005. One of the projects in Haiti is the “Roof over your head”, through which we help Haitians to better living conditions. It is for this project that part of the donations we will receive for the Charity Diary will be determined.

If you decide to get a beautiful and unusual diary for yourself or your loved ones, or to please your business partners or customers with an original gift and at the same time help the needy, contact us at info@acho.charita.cz. We do not issue invoices, but we can at least provide you with a confirmation of sending the gift. If you order more than 10 pieces, postage is free.

More also in the TV Noe report.

Dagmar Jurčíková, Archdiocesan Charity of Olomouc