Due to the coronavirus pandemic, the last school year was extended to October 2020, and the new school year 2020/2021 began with a delay on Monday, November 9, 2020. However, since the summer, the nutrition and therapy center and the suturing workshop have been in operation.

The school has managed to obtain a new accreditation, so they can teach more children. Really great interest in local education. 764 students entered the school in the school year 2020/2021. “The children are very happy to have been able to return to school after their final exams in October for regular classes,” said Emmaus Saint Joseph, school principal Margaret Michael, of this year’s unceasing enthusiasm for schoolchildren. Everything now works as usual. However, teachers continue to emphasize compliance with the safety principles set by the Ministry of Education: “We provide hand washing before entering the classroom and before eating. We also keep the gaps in the classes and on the field, “describes the current situation of Sister Rosa Tigga.

The rehabilitation center works well. Many new children come to the center who need movement therapy, but at the same time many of them are improving, so they are released from the care of the center. “Due to the precarious situation in the capital, we are not able to accompany the children to the hospital. So we try to at least buy the necessary medicines and do the maximum for the children here in Gonaïves, “the head nurse sums up the current situation.

The program of the nutrition center includes seventy mothers with children. We will soon resume regular doctor’s office as it was before the emergency. In addition to the nutritional package, care also includes basic counseling on a balanced lifestyle and parenting.

Twenty-five mothers are taught in the sewing workshop. They attend the workshop regularly, are enthusiastic and eager to learn. Due to a spring break due to government regulations, he will not complete his two-year course until March 2021. Trained tailors should then get a job at TEE-shirt, whose hall is being finalized. Graduates of last year’s course hope that the factory will start operating from December 2020. They are looking forward to many new jobs.

“We truly thank all our benefactors for their help and support,” say children and teachers in Haiti.

Lada Matyášová, Arcdiocesan Charitas Olomouc