Roche a Bateau – Repaired fence and new walls. The Haitians have already repaired all this at the school in Roche and Bateau with money from the collection for Haiti. Last October, the school was destroyed by Hurricane Matthew, tore down masonry, a roof, and destroyed equipment and school supplies.

Czech donors contributed more than 1,600,000 crowns to the collection for Haiti, over 100,000 crowns went to the south of the country, to the school in Roche and Bateau. “Haitians managed to repair the destroyed fence and build new walls inside the building. They still have to repair two more classrooms in the destroyed part, and also to build the roof, “said Klára Lőffelmannová, project coordinator in Haiti. According to her, there are a total of nine classes in the school, 260 schoolchildren attend them, 20 of them are included in the project of the Archdiocesan Charity Olomouc called Distance Adoption. In addition to construction work and repairs, Haitians still have to buy new school supplies, because the storm destroyed them as well.

The part of the school in Roche and Bateau that the hurricane spared served as a refuge for homeless families after the disaster. These dwelt between the benches and the boards for many weeks. Now, in this part of the building, schoolchildren are learning again.

Karolina Opatrilova, ACHO