9_2017_Na zdraví Haiti

Olomouc and Pardubice Region – This year, guests of selected companies in Hranice, Olomouc, Svitavy and Zábřeh drank health to Haiti with tap water. Twenty cafes and restaurants managed to raise 20,880 crowns. The Archdiocesan Charity Olomouc will organize medical examinations of poor Haitians, especially children who do not get to the doctor or do not have the money for it, in the Baie de Henne for the proceeds from the collection. The Charity worker will go there in person during her mission. He leaves for the heavily tested country on September 19 for more than a month.

The charity thanks all the companies that participated in the campaign. For the second time, water was served in favor of Haiti, for example, in the border Café U Nás. “We tried to diversify the toast for our guests, so we added mint and lemon to the carafe of water,” said the owner of Café Olga Pavlová. The border guards contributed 1,430 crowns to the treasury in this company.

The largest amount was managed to accumulate in the Olomouc restaurant U Kristýna – 4,214 crowns. She took part in the Health in Haiti campaign for the first time this year.

Thanks to the generosity of donors, the Archdiocesan Charity Olomouc will be able to organize medical examinations in Haiti for the third time. For the third time. “The companies involved in the campaign will allow us to treat and administer medicines to poor Haitians, especially children, in the Baie de Henne – a severed area in northwestern Haiti where there is a shortage of doctors. In addition, medicines are expensive for the locals, “described the situation on the spot by Klára Lőffelmannová from the Archdiocesan Charity Olomouc.

Last year, she and her colleague organized a health camp in Baie de Henne and Petit Anse. The nurses from the Gonaïv center of St. Josefa. “In three days, we managed to treat 255 patients in both areas. A lot of people came, some of them didn’t get to in one day, so they had to arrive the next day, “described Klára Lőffelmannová, adding that the nurses came across 400 different problems with patients. Most often, they dealt with skin, ear and eye infections, body and back pain, stomach acidosis or injuries after the floods and Hurricane Matthew. “During the examinations, we also came to a badly healed wound after surgery on a fourteen-year-old girl. It looked very ugly. However, after treatment and administration of appropriate drugs, the girl improved significantly, “added the project coordinator in Haiti. He will head to Haiti on September 19 for his next mission.

Thanks to Hranice:
Café U nás, Restaurant Pod střechou

Thank you Olomouc:
Bistrá kráva, Café Restaurant Caesar, Coffee Library Zbrojnice, Restaurant Dobromysl, Jazz Fresh Café, Naše Café, Coffee roaster Kikafe, Side Street Grill Bar, Tvarůžková cukrárna, U Kristýna

Thank you Svitavy:
Café Rozcestí, Café Rošambo, Café V parku, Restaurant U Zvonečku

Thank you to Zábřeh:
Caffe bar Lucerna, Castana Tex-Mex, Lavender Cafe, Restaurant Santorini

Thank you:
Visitors to the National Youth Meeting in Olomouc

Results from individual companies:
Café U Nás – CZK 1,430
Restaurant Pod Střechou – 511 CZK

Bistrá kráva – 811 CZK
Café restaurant Caesar – 2 299 CZK
Coffee Library Zbrojnice – 2 344 CZK
Restaurant Dobromysl – 458 CZK
Jazz Fresh Café – 1459 CZK
Our Café – CZK 1,045
Kikafe coffee roaster – CZK 1,156
Side Street Grill Bar – 142 CZK
Cottage cheese confectionery – 464 CZK
U Kristýna – 4 214 CZK

Café In The Park – 485 CZK
Café Roshambo – 1 452 CZK
Café Rozcestí – CZK 792
Restaurant U Zvonečku – 145 CZK

Café Bar Lucerna – 99 CZK
Tex-Mex Castana – 635 CZK
Santorini – 239 CZK
Lavender cafe – 700 CZK

Karolina Opatrilova, ACHO