Baie de Henne – Rash, eye and ear inflammation, vitamin deficiency and digestive problems. These problems were most often solved in Haitian children by sisters from the Order of St. Josef at the 3rd medical camp. Together with the humanitarian worker of the Archdiocesan Charity Olomouc (ACHO) Klára Lőffelmannová, they focused on children from the cut-off area of ​​the Baie de Henne. The charity thanks donors who joined the August Haiti Haiti campaign. For their contributions, a medical camp was held.

In mid-October, the medical camp took over the Baiedehen school, which is attended by poor Haitian children supported by Czech donors. “With the help of the sisters of the Order of St. We managed to see and treat Josefa for 240 children. The most common health problems were skin rashes and eczema, eye and ear inflammation, vitamin deficiency and digestive problems. Children do not have regular access to drinking water and they also do not have a regular diet. School lunch is often their only meal of the day. They are fed up and can concentrate better on teaching and do not faint during teaching, “said Klára Lőffelmannová from the Archdiocesan Charity Olomouc, which is currently working directly in Haiti. According to her, this year the medical camp lasted two days. A surprise for health professionals was the finding that little girls aged 6-7 have vaginal problems.

Baie de Henne is located in the severed northwest of Haiti. There is one health center in the village, yet the people there and the medics have not won. Klára visited the facility a few days ago to monitor the situation there. “There are two permanent nurses in the center who can help local people in case of acute cases. There are also two general practitioners (without specialization), but they are not always present. The equipment of the whole resort is very modest and it is definitely not possible to perform any major interventions here. Because of them, patients have to travel to the nearest hospitals in Bombardopolis or Gonaïves. Even the availability of the necessary medicines is not ensured. Most of the important drugs are not available in Haiti and there is often a problem with a short expiration time, which we were convinced of when providing drugs for the medical camp, “described the ACHO worker. The local pharmacist buys at least a minimum amount of medicine and imports it to the center, where patients can then buy it. For many of them, however, the price of medicines is too high and they cannot afford them.

The Archdiocesan Charity Olomouc has been operating in the Baie de Henne for 12 years. With the help of Czech donors, it provides education for local children (Distance Adoption – Haiti) and also helps the local community, for example, with the construction of shelters. It also operates in Gonaïves in the northwest of Haiti and in Roche and Bateau in the south.

The medical camp was possible thanks to the companies and their guests involved in the Cheers of Haiti event.

Thanks to Hranice:
Café U nás, Restaurant Pod střeou

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Karolina Opatrilova, ACHO