November 2017, Olomouc – Archdiocese Caritas Olomouc will send more than a ton of fiberglass boards to the Caribbean together with a humanitarian aid in the Container for Haiti. The fiberglass plates were donated by the company PAMA a.s.


The container for Haiti which contains the fibreglass plates should arrive to Haiti during January 2018. The Haitians plan to build a shelter in the Nutrition Centre from them. In the shelter they will pray, sing and held lecture meetings for the Sisters, mothers and their children. “Inside the current Centre there is not enough space; lots of children keep running outside. The shelter could also serve on Fridays, when Sisters give to mothers a meal for a weekend,” adds Klára Lőffelmannová.

Sisters will provide some plates for constructions of family shelters for those who need it. „We thank very much to the PAMA Company for the fibreglass plates. The Caritas has the years of experience with the construction of metal roofs in Haiti which can resist the strong winds. But the fibreglass has the advantage that it doesn’t corrode and it’s less demanding for maintenance. Also it will provide more light for the Haitian’s homes,” finishes the above mentioned Klára Lőffelmannová.


Karolína Opatřilová, ACHO