Haiti – The situation in Haiti has been getting worse in recent weeks. Country is still shaken by protests against the corrupt government, as well as the increase in gasoline and diesel prices. Haitians are struggling with violence, fuel and food shortages. In addition, there has been no electricity for several days in Gonaïves. It does not shine even at our partners in the Center of nurses from the order of St. Joseph. Nevertheless, good news flashes from us.

Haiti is still struggling with riots and protests, and that’s not all. “In recent months, the worst manifestations of destruction and killings have taken place, disrupting the lives of the Haitians. It is risky to travel because roads are dangerous. We are also struggling with a lack of food or petrol and diesel and other basic commodities. It has become more expensive, as a result of the suffering of many people,” she described the current situation in Haiti Renee Quadros, who runs the Center of St. Joseph in Gonaïves. According to her, the whole city is without electricity. In the dark is a center, which usually has a spare resource. “The solar battery panels installed by the German embassy have served us for 5 years and were very important to us, they exploded. At the same time, the voltage converter has burned. We’re like people around us – no electricity, no running water, no phones or computers, no internet, no refrigerators,” Sister Renee continues. The nurses try to repair the inverter and install new batteries, which may take several weeks. They are not available in Haiti. “Fortunately, we are still able to see God’s face in the suffering around us. That makes us strong in order to continue our mission,” he leaves the sisters of hope.

Klára Lőffelmann, who travel to Haiti under the auspices of Charity every year, confirms that there is a problem with electricity in Haiti. “It is common for the current to fail. On our last mission, we experienced it several times at the sisters in Gonaïves, turning off the power during dinner, for example, so we had to light our flashlights. Or the washing machine and the like didn’t work,” adds Klára.

Sisters, however, send a lot of good news from Gonaïves. For example, many new children with disabilities are now regularly receiving treatment and therapy at their orthopedic center. In addition, the sisters opened a branch in their second house in Ruelle Wilson. Therapy takes 3 days at the main center in Gonaïves and then 2 days at the new center in Ruelle Wilson.

New mothers with malnourished children also applied to the Gonaïves Nutrition Center. The nurses opened it again after Christmas in mid-January.

Dressmakers enjoying good job prospects

And the sewing workshop is also doing well, to which Czech donors with the Archdiocesan Charity Olomouc supplied pedaling machines, fabrics and necessary equipment. “The seamstresses that were selected to work in the sewing factory being built by an American entrepreneur have already begun learning to sew in our workshop. We hope the plant will start operating this April. It will be a relief for many people, especially for those who find work there and their loved ones,” says Sister Renee.

A new off-road car with cargo space is already in the Gonaïves Center. It is used to transport supplies of drinking water, food and material to school. Czech donors and the Archdiocesan Caritas Olomouc also took part in its purchase. “It’s a great gift for our mission. Thank you very much for your generosity,” the nurses say.

We think of them and Haitians so that the situation in a turbulent country calms down so that they can carry out their mission, live in abundance and joy …

Karolína Opatřilová, Archdiocesan Charity Olomouc

Photo illustration: Pixabay