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Haiti – Lack of access to water, lack of fuel, protests, violence. The situation in Haiti is further aggravated. In recent days, Haitians have even closed shops and schools. Hospitals hardly work.

Haiti is still dangerous. The lack of fuel has triggered further protests against a dysfunctional government and a declining economy. Violence continues. Shops and some schools are closed. “Last week, the nurses from the Order of Sts. Joseph in Gonaïves. There are about six hundred very poor children, some of whom are supported by our donors,” says Klára Lőffelmann, who is responsible for projects helping children and needy people in Haiti. Klara usually goes directly to Haiti in the autumn to check projects and help in the field for about a month. However, due to a dangerous situation, her mission was moved to next year.

Haitians have been protesting against a corrupt government since last year. The vast majority of the population lives in poverty, then there are a few fabulously wealthy people and almost nothing in between. In addition, there is a drought in Haiti, so people do not have access to water, the crop is fading, and another problem has recently been added. Lack of fuel. In some parts of Haiti, gangs are raging that robbing and avoiding violence. The Haitians’ protests are also escalating. Last week, a Haitian senator was also firing a gun right in front of the Senate building. He injured two men – a security guard and a journalist. He claimed it was self-defense.

What was the situation in February: Protests in Haiti are getting worse. Gonaïves reports dead (https://haiti.cz/2019/02/11/protesty-na-haiti-se-vyostruji-gonaives-hlasi-mrtve/)

We hope that the situation in Haiti will calm down as soon as possible. We think of our partners, schoolchildren and others who we are trying to help you with…

Archdiocesan Caritas Olomouc