Dear Friends and Sisters.

Greetings from St. Joseph’s center. We are happy to give you the information of the Centre. After the lock up of Covid-19 as well as the summer vacation we began our activities in the 2nd week of September.

During the summer vacation we had a special guests form the capital .We had 120 children from an orphanage from cite solei where all the children come from the family of losing their parents in the gang violent. We were very happy to accommodate them in our school campus for ten days .All of us felt a unique experience for taking care of the children. The children were happy to be in the campus and enjoyed their outing.


The school reopened on the 21st of September as per the order of the education department of the country. We were so surprised by the presence of children on the first day. We had 95 present of children were in the school. It seemed the children were missing the school and were happy to return after three months. Though Covid19 is present in the country but no sign of any masks or social distancing. Though vaccination is available but the people fear being vaccinated.

The 9th grade exams result was announced .We prepared 21 students for the exams as 1st group from the school, 20 students passed with very good marks; one student could not get through her exams .The teachers and Sr. Rosa worked very hard to make things possible since the children come from an unusual family background.

The school students this year tried their best to go to their next respective classes. Though we had lot of political unrest in the country, the school was able to have the final exams and do the other usual business normally. At present the school has 764 students from kinder garten to 9th grade. As usual the primary teachers had a week orientation programme for the new academic year by the diocesan education bureau of Gonaives. All the teachers participated with lot of interest. During the holiday the school office was busy distributing uniforms and other office works. The school had the parents meeting in the first week of October. All the parents were present for this annual meeting.

The school kitchen

The school kitchen continues to feed the whole school. The students receive their daily milk as they come to the school. At present we have almost 810 people eating in the school canteen. Thanks to all our donors for their generous support to feed the children, the teachers as well as the non-teaching staff.

Orthopedic Centre

The Orthopedic Centre is functioning as usual. We see many babies are coming with the complex problems for the treatment. Since there is lot of unrest in the country the people are not able to travel to the capital for the further treatment. Sr.Pyari tries her best to treat the babies who need the therapy and the medication.

Nutritional Centre

We have a good group of mothers and babies in the programme. We still have two groups of mothers to keep social distance .We are able to care for them in a better way since a sizable group come for the programme daily. The mothers do have their formation on different subjects. They are very happy to have these formations in the center and they express their gratitude for all these formations which is helpful for their family life and bringing up of their children. Dry food is distributed every week to have a decent meal at home with the family. Thanks to Cross catholic for their contribution to help this programme. During the summer vacation we were able to provide dry food for the mothers and the poor which was a great help for the families.

Tailoring Centre

We have 38 students at present. We do have boys in the center since there is a possibility of employment in the polo shirt factory which is in the campus. Among this group almost 80 present are selected for the further training in the factory. We see them very enthusiastic and very regular and eager to learn. During the summer holiday the factory had their graduation day and received their certificate.

“Once again our heartfelt thanks to all our benefactors for Your prayers and support.“

May God bless you all.

With warm affection and assurance of our prayers, sisters Asha, Balandina, Margaret, Neelam, Pyari and Rosa.