Our long-time volunteer, collaborator and helper with Adoption at a Distance and development projects from Baie de Henne would now like to go to university.

“I want to go to study educational sciences to become a principal, an inspector and a teacher. And finally, to enrich the local education system with my knowledge,” Stanley answers the reason for further studies after completing his Bachelor’s degree in Economics. He would like to start his studies as early as January 2022 so that he can go from being an assistant accountant at our partner school Sainte Maria Goretti to becoming a teacher soon.

The study period lasts five years, with the amount to be paid each year in three instalments during the school year. The tuition and other costs of study (textbooks and supplies) are 23,000 HTG, or 250 USD. For five years of study, Stanley’s support will cost 115,000 HTG, or 1,250 USD – converted to Czech crowns, this amounts to 28,000 CZK.

“My dream is to one day become the headmaster of a primary school in Baie de Henne,” he says.

Lada Matyášová, Arcdiocaesan Caritas Olomouc