Good morning, dear Charity leaders, good morning, godparents of children, good morning, Mrs. Coordinator, how are you?

I suppose you are doing well. We would like to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your help, respect and love for Haiti, especially for Baie de Henne.

The socio-political and economic situation in Haiti is indeed difficult. The state has collapsed and insecurity is in full swing. In such conditions, violence and kidnappings are rampant. Everyone is afraid. But thank God Baie de Henne is fine. The children are doing well. The school is doing well.

Thanks to you, dear friends, the Director of Charity, the sponsors, the coordinator, we exist and we live. Knowing that the Czech Charity is our nurturing and caring mother.

We pray for you at all Eucharistic celebrations in the parish. God will repay you.
We love you very much,

P. Bertrand Dubreus Baie de Henne and the parents of the children