The beginning of the year in Haiti has not changed much compared to last year. Haiti is still threatened by the “Gang War” for which local law enforcement is short, and cholera is starting to spread there, which reappeared there after three years in October of last year.
Despite all these difficulties, at least in some places, school attendance has started, so some children can get education. However, one of our schools that we support is still closed. It is a school in Gonaives managed by the Sisters of St. Joseph.
For security reasons, the setters have decided to return home to India for the time being and are waiting for the situation to calm down before returning to Haiti. However, it is already certain that their school will not open this year. After the sisters’ return, they will first have to start with the restoration of the school building and the entire school grounds, which were completely looted. Even with our help, the nurses will have to somehow recover the lost materials and documents about the children.
I have a message from the nurses themselves that about half of the children found an emergency alternative school, which is running out for this year. When the sisters return, it will be necessary to find out which children attended school and which did not, so that we can pass on information about them to their adoptive parents. A considerable amount of funds will also need to be spent on the restoration of the school, around 150,000 CZK has been collected so far. We are thinking that we would also use part of the money from the “Adoption” account for the restoration.
Our plan to travel to Haiti, which has already been postponed twice, remains unchanged and is scheduled for the end of May. I believe that it will be possible and that our humanitarian activities in Haiti will move in the right direction.
Roman Musil, coordinator of humanitarian projects in Haiti.