Naděje pro Haiti

The situation in Haiti is steadily chaotic, the country is controlled by gangs, cholera is spreading and the country is falling into ever greater poverty. In this situation, the most vulnerable, children and the elderly, suffer the most, and the prospect of “better times” is still in sight.
Nevertheless, it is the most vulnerable that are most close to our hearts and we would like to continue helping them. Our sponsored schools in Haiti started “about halfway” this year. The school in Gonaives, with the sisters, as we have already written, was completely looted and the sisters retreated to India out of fear for their safety. We don’t know yet when he will return. We would like to use the funds that were chosen for the children in their school to restore the school, in the collection that was started at our charity after this event, CZK 150,000 was collected for this purpose. So we are currently waiting for the nurses to return.
At the Sainte Maria Goretti school in Baie-deHenne, school classes have started with a two-month delay, but they are running in the standard way, the children have purchased textbooks, school uniforms and have lunch every school day. In Roches-a-Bateau, she only started classes in December, just before Christmas, and the school administrators, the parish priest P. Bernard, also managed to secure everything necessary for the classes and they will try to catch up with the delays in classes.
We would like to express our continued support to the people of this poverty-stricken country and assure them that our hearts are still with them, especially now at Easter. We wish Haitians not to lose hope for a better tomorrow even in these difficult times for them. We want to wish the same for us here in the Czech Republic and Moravia, and therefore in the whole of Europe and especially in Ukraine. We are still scheduled to leave for Haiti at the end of May, although we are still waiting to see how the very confusing and dangerous situation there will develop.